Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Blogger has officially ticked me off one too many times. I can't handle it anymore. Therefore, from this point on, my knitting blog can be found at the link below.

Sorry about the trouble of having to update your links and bookmarks, but I think Wordpress is going to make me much happier and maybe I'll actually blog more often! ;o)


Saturday, October 14, 2006


I really need to get out of Blogger. I can't stand the photo posting thing. I have pictures to share with this post and can only get one to show up. So, go to my livejournal for corresponding pictures for this post. :op

So... I'm still not done with the baby blanket. I did manage to put the back on it last weekend but once I started tying it I was really disappointed in how uneven it was looking. I'll still finish it though and then make Devin something much cuter later. :op I think I'll stick to good old fashioned fabric quilting, I know how to do it and the results are much nicer. That's not to say I'll never try knitting a blanket again, I'm sure I will.. but not right away. Actually, I have some Thick & Quick in the Adirondacks color way that I want to try and make a blanket out of, but that stuff is so big it'll be fast. Duh Kel, that's why it's called Thick & Quick. :op

But yeah... I actuall have been knitting. :o) Last weekend I made a hat for Devin. I cheated and used my Knifty Knitter, but the child needed a hat that wasn't ugly. They gave him a knitted hat at the hospital when he was born but it was fugly.

Wesley tried to put the hat on Devin but this was as far as he got. :o)

My brother said it looked like a girl's hat but whatever. I started another hat for him tonight but I'm not using a pattern so I'm just winging it. I'm thinking about making it one of those hats with the square tops that sort of flop down, but we'll see.

And tomorrow (today actually since it's after midnight) I'm planning on buying the last thing I need to start working on my Day of the Dead KAL project, and perhaps some yarn for some socks (Can we say yarn event at Threadbear?!). I'm feeling the need to knit some super yummy socks to wear. Have I mentioned that I love the Fall and this weather is making me giggle with glee? I broke out one of my scarves from last year today and it was heaven wearing it again. :o)

One more week of my Wednesday class and then Wednesday nights will be dedicated to watching Lost and knitting at my friend Shawn's house. :o) Yay! I really should start thinking about Christmas gifts if I'm going to be knitting any. :o)

That's about it for now. :o)

Hugs & Knitting!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Someone new to knit for!

Sorry about the delay on announcing this, but the child formerly known as No Name Bay-Bay has been born! Isn't he wonderful? That's Devin Maxwell my 2nd nephew who was born on Monday October 2nd at 1:36 pm. Weighing in at 9 lbs 5 oz and 21.5 inches! :o) Mama and baby are happy and healthy and got to go home yesterday. Big brother & big sister are also quite thrilled about the new arrival and are adjusting quite nicely. :o) More pictures will follow soon, I'm sure. :o)

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

You know you're a knitter when...

... you're at work and you look down at the sleeve of your sweater and think, "there's a knit, that's a purl, there's three knits, and then three purls..."

... instead of taking smoke breaks during the day, you spend your 15 minute breaks at work surfing knitting blogs.

... you often print free patterns on your laser printer at work instead of using the inkjet you have at home.

... you have knitting blogs and pattern sites in your favorites at work.

... you often daydream of leaving work so you can go work on your latest WIP.

... when a co-worker shows you his/her new store-bought knitted item you think, "I could make that."

... lunch break often translates into 5 minutes of eating and 55 minutes of knitting.

... co-workers no longer look surprised when they walk into the break/lunch room and see you knitting.

... on payday you think to yourself, "I wonder what kind of yarn I should buy today..."

... you update your knitting blog from work when you should be doing something else. ;o)

Thursday, September 21, 2006

"I do it in public"

To prove that I really do still knit and often do it in public... a picture post. This is the dreaded Moderne Baby Blanket that STILL is not done (as seen at Lake Lansing North last Saturday). I've decided that since I only have 11 days until the arrival of the little monster I'm cutting this blanket short. I'd planned on doing that anyway, but still... yeah. I'm going to work on that top block there and once it's of a decent size I'm done. Then I'll do all of the crap needed to put the back on and say, "Wee I'm done!" Then I will go to Michaels and buy the materials I need to do my Day of the Dead KAL project because the next thing I knit after this blanket is ALLLLLLLLL about me. Then I'll return to knitting for other people. :o)

But yeah... the verdict on this pattern... it's easy and mindless (until those intarsia blocks which I'm avoiding like the chicken pox) but it's complete torture when done with the size needles suggested in the book. If you do this, I HIGHLY recommend that you get a bulky yarn and use big needles to speed things up. Then you might not risk never wanting to knit again because you're stuck knitting forever huge blocks in garter stitch. :o)

In other news... school is going well, my Great Aunt Jean died, my mother is getting divorced from Step Dad and is moving out of their house tomorrow, my sister in law is ready to pop out the baby, work sucks as usual, my baby brother turns 11 on Saturday *sobs*, and things are just nuts in general. :o) Oh and I SO want to make a tee shirt about knitting that says "I do it in public" or something along those lines. :o)

Happy Thursday!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Woo hoo!

I think I've finally decided on a Day of the Dead project. :op I was doing some random blog hopping last night (mostly looking for socks because I'm SO going to do some socks soon) and came across an idea that I'd considered before but never really followed through on.

Knitty has a very cool pattern called Perdita that I'm going to attempt to do. It'll serve many purposes if I can actually do the project...

  1. It incorporates beads and lacey like knitting which I've never done so it'll be a learning experience for me.
  2. It'll be a fabulous cure for when I need to cover my wrist tattoos but don't want to load up on bracelets and watches (although I don't mind doing so most days).
  3. Two of the names for the three projects listed are names that remind me of my Grandma. Lily of the Valley: Her maiden name was Lilly (and I hope to have a daughter named Lily one day) and lillies are my favorite flower. Lilac: Her favorite color was lilac. :o)

So I think if I can ever finish my freaking moderne baby blanket for my nephew (countdown: 18 days left!) then Perdita will be my Day of the Dead project. :o)

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

CafePress Goodies

Before I ran out of money I made a fabulous fun purchase that finally showed up in the mail today. :o) I love fun mail!

From Stitch This I got this bumper sticker:

From Stephen's Shop I got this tee shirt:

It says "Nine Deadly Needles... Worldclass Knitting Crew"

And this sticker:

From Swell Designer I got this bumper sticker:

I've been working on my own products to sell at CafePress... will post the link once things are up and running!