Wednesday, May 31, 2006

For the love of creativity...

Why can't I get someone to pay me to craft? When I was younger I wanted to be Carol Duvall on The Home Show and get paid to be crafty. Now I just want to be me, but be paid to do things I love like kniting and writing and other crafting instead of sitting at this desk all day. *yawn* So freaking bored... I'm sitting here typing a commitment and will think, "Gee... wonder how my sock looks today... I bet it wishes I was working on it..." LOL I'm a loser, I know. ;o)

Anywho... no real reason for posting... just being whiney. :o)

Did I mention I got the Mason Dixon book finally? Yeah I think I did. Must... finish... current... projects... first!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


If I lived in Augusta, GA with my baby sister I would have been prepared to spend Memorial Day weekend sweating and miserable. But I live in Michigan. 90º+ weather in May in Michigan is not right.

I didn't get nearly as much knitting done because the thought of knitting anything took second fiddle to laying around in misery with the furkids who most likely thought I was torturing them with the heat. They kept looking at me like, "You can turn down the heat anytime now, Mom..." Poor things.

I did however finally get my Mason Dixon book (the last one at Schuler's in Eastwood... whoot!) and can see many projects in my future. This summer shall be about writing, reading, knitting, traveling, and not doing any homework whatsoever! 18 days til I'm free!

~Edit~ Oh and working... I suppose this summer is about working too. LOL But it's not high on my priority list *she says as she updates blog again from work.*

Friday, May 26, 2006


Blogger has been a bastard to me this week. I've had several posts eaten. :o(

So i ripped the sock out and started over. It just wasn't feeling right (even though I haven't a clue what it should feel like) and seemed too triangular to be a sock eventually. The new sock looks a little better, and the pattern of the self striping definitely looks better than it did the first time. (Recall the bright yellow toe in a previous post... ew). Here's what it looks like now...

But here's what I don't get... how does something triangular shapped become a sock? See? Like, is that the bottom of the sock or what?

And because I love these pictures sooooo much I have to post them here... This is my nephew "helping" me make yarn balls last December or January. He was two at the time, he's three now. ;o) I call these "Wesley vs the Yarn."

Hehe... isn't he just delicious? :o)

So hopefully I'll get some knitting in during this long weekend. But for now, I'm going to bed! X-Men tomorrow... woo!

Take two

This is a phantom post that originally didn't save but suddenly popped back up out of the blue... forgive the duplicate information...

I ripped my sock out last night and started over. The further along I went the more I decided that it just didn't look right. Still doesn't seem like it's going to be a sock shape some day (are they supposed to look like triangles?) but it looks better than it did before. Plus I like the colors better this time around. I'm using a self striping yarn and the first time I started the sock the toe was yellow, now it's purple and the stripe/pattern is going together much prettier.

Dream Dinners tonight... it happens to be neighbor to Rae's... *whistles innocently and drifts over to yarn store before cooking appointment* I need (yes, I said need) to buy the Mason Dixon book (which I'm doubting they'll have at Rae's since it's selling like mad everywhere) and I still want to buy some circular sock needles for my second attempt at socks. Granted, I don't need them now, but so what? I want them. :) The only problem is that Rae's closes at 6 tonight so if I want to go I have to go straight from work which means I can't go home to change clothes. No big deal I suppose. I have capri's and sneakers with me, I just neglected to bring a tee shirt for some reason. I dunno... I suppose I'll see what mood strikes me as I leave work in 28 minutes. :op Hopefully I-127 isn't horrible or it'll take me an hour to just get to Frandor. Grr... holiday traffic.

I was gunna post pictures the other day of my nephew helping me make yarn balls but I was apparently having a bad techno day because I kept screwing up the post and then just gave up since I was at work. LOL I'll do that this weekend though... they're too darn cute not to share and they're knitting related so they HAVE to go in my knitting blog. *nods*

Tis all for now... gotta pretend I'm working hard for the next 26 minutes. ;o)

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Picture post

Looks like the camera problem was the batteries... thank goodness. :op I dunno what I'd do without my digital. ;)

Here are the fingerless gloves I made during my class last weekend... One is a little longer than the other, but I don't care cause they're mine. :o)

And here's what should be a toe for a sock. LOL I think I may have gone too far before starting the body of the sock, but we'll see... I'm not ripping this bad boy out again.

Probably won't get much done on the sock tomorrow because I have Ele's after work. (I run a support group for grieving children at an organization called Ele's Place.) Then it's margaritas with the girls afterward before coming home to watch the Lost finale and see who won Idol. :op Maybe I'll knit at lunch tomorrow... I'm taking half a lunch so if I try to read I'll probably just get frustrated when I have to stop reading. :o)

Watch me jinx myself...

I think I've figured out the sock thing. I started over last night during Everwood and have the makings of what certainly looks like a sock. :o) Again, no pictures because my batteries for my camera are charging, but hopefully I'll have pix to share soon. :o) I'm still wondering if doing socks on circulars is easier, but I'm determined try both ways. :o)

In other news, I've yet to finish my felted bag off with a strap. hehe... I suck.

But... I can say that Oscar is a very happy camper that Mama is knitting more often. He enjoys stalking my yarn and using those extra toes to try and swipe it from me as much as possible. :o)

Doesn't he have the best paws ever?!
Oscar swatting at his big sister, Kira...

Kira meanwhile is just happy that while Oscar is playing with yarn, he's not chasing after her and she can sit in Mama's drawer. :op

The beautiful Kira

Monday, May 22, 2006

A productive weekend

Knitting during my day-long class turned out to be a great idea. I manged to whip out my fingerless gloves and they only have a few mistakes. The pattern was super easy and was the first time I did a cable-like pattern. Pictures as soon as I can get some batteries for my camera and see if it's working or is going to die on me and piss me off. :op Buying a new camera before my birthday trip in July is SO not on the plan. :op

I attempted to begin a sock but ended up being too tired to pay attention to it. I'm not so sure how much I love the 4 needle process of socks but I'm not giving up yet. :o) Knitty has an article about doing toe-up socks on circular needles and it looks much easier than the 4 needle thing so if I can't get the technique down I may invest in some circular needles for socks. Magic Cast-on for Toe Up Socks

Tis all for now. I should be working on property taxes instead of updating this bad girl. :o)

Saturday, May 20, 2006

A real post with pictures and everything!

I should be in bed. I have school at 9 and it's after midnight. My contacts are cloudy and I'm starting to yawn a lot. BUT... I'm going to make a post, damn it. I've been neglecting this blog and my knitting. So I'm making a post before I pass out. :o)

So let's see... I'm about 99% done with my first felting project. I made a bag. I haven't put a strap on it yet because I'm not sure yet if I want to buy a strap or make one, but I'm muchly happy with the felting. It's a little lopsided, but for my first felted thing, I'm cool with crooked. :) It's supposed to be a courier bag that's big enough to hold a laptop and mine is so not big enough for my laptop... but again, I still like it. :)

Before Felting

After Felting

Today on my lunch I went over to Rae's and checked the place out. It's seriously about the size of my living room (maybe smaller), but very sweet. ;) I bought my first sock pattern *gasp* and some pretty cool sequin stuff that I have no idea what I'll use it on but I love it. :)

Tonight I found myself at Michaels where they had clearanced yarn. Hello! Yay! I got a total of 9 rolls of yarn and sock needles for less than thirty bucks. :)

I got this funky ribbon stuff by Moda-Dea to make this with... $1.00 a ball!

I got four rolls of Aerie by Moda-Dea (Ecru & Black) because it was less than three bucks a roll and was originally almost $9 each.

I also bought two things of Micro Spun by Lion Brand (not on sale) because it's so deliciously soft and I wanted to try making these. My hands get so cold when I'm knitting and when I'm typing, I think these will be fabulous when they're done. I originally planned on making them two colors, but I was watching X-Men 2 on tv while knitting and I kept messing up my sticthes and after ripping it out several times I decided just to do one color for now. So my first attempt is Black, then if I succeed I can make the bright-ass Lime green variety. :) I think I'm taking this to class with me today. Gotta have something to keep my hands busy when I'm not taking notes. Plus, think of how much I could get done if I knitted throughout the day (my class is from 9-5).

Anywho... I'd share more pictures but my camera is having a break down and doing weird shit like this...

Not a happy camper... hopefully it just needs batteries. That's part of my fingerless glove thingies though... :)

And now I must take my butt to bed because 7:00 is going to come much too fast. :)