Monday, September 04, 2006

Pet Meme

I don't normally do meme's in this blog, I leave that for my daily blog, but I couldn't resist this one that Kristi posted and since Kristi is a knitter, I'm putting it here. :o)
5 Odd/Unique things about my pets...
Oscar is my youngest at the age of three, he's a rescue kitty and is the biggest cat I've ever owned. :o)
1. Oscar has extra toes on both front paws. 6 on one paw and 7 or 8 on the other. He looks like he has fluffy white mittens on.
2. Oscar has what the vet calls a birthmark on his back where the hair won't grow thick. Instead there's a somewhat scratchy short buzz cut blob there that he looooves to have scratched.
3. Oscar likes to lay on his back and reveal his belly. He's the only cat I've ever known who will let you rub his tummy without eventually going psycho and attacking your hand.
4. Oscar's favorite game is "Torture the Big Sister." He frequently uses his size to intimidate his older sister Kira (who is much smaller than he is) and knock her around until I have to yell at him to quit it.
5. Oscar has several middle names. I didn't choose his first name, but since I got him several middle names have been discovered. Oscar De La Hoya, Oscar De La Renta, Oscar Fonzerella (yes I know it's not actually Oscar but Arthur, but it came out of my mouth one day and has stuck).

Kira is my little diva. She's almost 6 years old and is my beautiful baybeee.
1. Kira "talks" to birds. Ever since she was a kitten if she sees birds out of the window she runs around trying to get to them and talks to them in a very weird voice that can't be described as a meow but also can't be spelled. :o)
2. Kira was named after the musical artist Shakira whom I had a massive crush on at the time that I got Kira. :o)
3. Kira likes paper. As in, she likes to eat it. If she finds a stray piece of paper laying about she'll try and eat it... she's particularly fond of shiny paper like the papers from stickers or anything that makes noise when she chews it.
4. Kira was an only child for most of her life and still acts like it demanding attention and Princess-like treatment at all times.
5. Kira gives kisses. If I ask her for a kiss and make a kissy face at her, she touches her nose to mine.

Cherub is my roommate's dog but I spend more time with her so she gets mention in this too.

1. Cherub is smaller than Oscar.
2. Cherub is terrified of Kira and won't even walk past my bedroom (where Kira usually stays) unless someone is standing in between the door and her to protect her from Kira.
3. Cherub's favorite human food is popcorn . She can hear the sound of a pack of microwave popcorn and know even before it starts popping that it's being made.
4. Cherub's human mom is a local radio celebrity here in town.
5. Oscar is Cherub's boyfriend... they play and cuddle together on a regular basis until Oscar gets freaked out and runs away. :o)


At 8:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can I add aother name for Oscar - Oscar Meyer??? I love adding on to pet names. Cute critters!


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