Monday, September 04, 2006

Picture post

Here you'll find pictures of my retro yarntainer that I inherited from my sister in law. It belonged to her grandmother who used to do a lot of crocheting, lace making etc. It's not exactly pretty, but it's pretty cool. :o)

Handy dandy yarn hole in the top of the container for yarn to come through without letting it roll all over the floor or get attacked by furkids.

The fabric covering it is much like an old grandma couch and quite fabulously retro. For some reason I decided to take a picture of the back of the container. Perhaps I wanted to show the uneven seaming? :o)

And finally, here's the container with the top closed and locked.

Here I am knitting in public at Jeepers in the Great Lakes Crossing Mall in Auburn Hills, MI this weekend. The children were running around like animals in the play place while I knitted and sat with my sister in law. :o)

Close up shot. As you can tell, I was also having a fabulous boob day. :op Ignore the odd way I hold my knitting in my left hand... I'm an unconventional knitter (aka I don't know the "real" way to hold it).

And last but not least, Devin's blanket thus far. The big black block is the one I'm currently working on, it's about three or four rows from being done. Then I've got at least one more block to do in the periwinkle-ish color before stopping to see if it's big enough. Technically there are two more blocks after that (the scary intarsia blocks) but I might not do them in order to save myself some time and sanity. Plus I still have more to do once the knitting is done (I'm putting a back on it like this) so yeah... the sooner the better. Crap, I should take pictures of the fabric I'm using for the back huh? It'll have to go in another post because Blogger sucks.


At 10:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have to do the same intarsia thingy with my log cabin moderne - all I am gonna do is carry the new yarn over the old and it seems to be working - don't know if it's right or not but I'm so sick of working on this blasted thing, I'm calling it good ;)


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