Monday, July 31, 2006

A little progress...

I managed to finish block #4 of my Moderne Baby Blanket from Mason Dixon Knitting and started block #5. Other than that, it was too stinking hot to do much knitting this weekend. It's pretty sad when Central Florida was cooler than Mid- Michigan is! Grr...

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I'm back...

I took knitting with me to Florida. My knitting consisted of a few completed rows on a Matrix ribbon scarf that I worked on while it was raining on my birthday. :op My mother rented us a cabana on the lazy river at the resort where our timeshare is and it rained all afternoon *grr* so while we were in the cabana hoping that it would stop raining and were watching the weather channel on tv, I knitted a few rows. Then they cleared the whole area for safety reasons and we left. Lovely. :o) The rest of the week it didn't rain much, but I didn't get any knitting or blogging done. I took my laptop with me, but yeah... blogged once in livejournal. I also didn't manage to find any LYS's in the area. I wasn't with anyone who knits and figured I wouldn't torture anyone with yarn shopping. :o( I planned on getting to the Super Wally World down the road from our resort to see if they had Peaches n' Creme since I can't find it here, but... that didn't happen either. LOL

Despite the lack of knitting and blogging though, my Birthday Trip was fun. I spent 7 days in the greater Orlando area and welcomed my 30th Birthday surrounded by Disney World and goofiness, so it was all good. :o) That would be me on the right with my "Today is my Birthday!" pin on cheesing it up with Mickey Mouse at the Animal Kingdom. hehe...

Garage Sale this weekend, so maybe I'll get some knitting in while we sit around waiting for customers. Oh and I have to take a picture of the yarn holder that I inherited this weekend. It's pretty ugly, but in a cool way. :o) It belonged to my sister-in-law's grandmother so it's very special. :o) And it'll keep the furkids from stealing my yarn as I knit. :o)

That's all for now... work to do. :o)

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Still here

I haven't knitted in a while. I'm officially done with school though for the summer. I did my make up presentation on Friday ( I had to take an incomplete in my summer class because I missed my presenation when g'pa was in the hospital) and ended up with an A in the class. :o) Now I can guiltlessly knit, write, read, and nap on my free time.

6 days til my Florida vacation for the big birthday. :o) I have tee shirts to make for all of us who are going on the trip. :o) Pictures will eventually be posted. Although I highly doubt I'll get much knitting done down there, I will be taking needles with me and of course will be hitting up yarn shops in the vacinity of the resort. :o) I do plan on knitting a bit today though... I've got to drop my mom and step off at Metro so that means at least an hour and a half of knitting time in the backseat on the way there. :o) I need to see if Spirit allows knitting on board yet... I'd love to be able to knit on the way down to Florida next weekend.

Anywho... since I have no knitting pictures, I'll share one of my famous self portraits. ;o) This would be me at the Lugnuts game on the 4th of July. :o) Ignore the extremely cheesey grin.

And on that note I really need to go to bed so that when it's time to leave for Metro I'm actually awake and ready to go. :o)